5 Common Signs You Need Heating Repair In Fresno

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to ensure that your heating system works properly. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with a problem at an inconvenient time of the season. In Fresno, many of us worry about keeping cool in the summers, and it’s easy to forget about the chilly nights.

Home heating systems need as much care and attention as air conditioners do, and durability is key. Primary causes of heating unit repair are faulty installation and bad maintenance. What about signs to look for?

Here are five of the most common signs you need heating repair.

1. Unusually High Electricity Bills

Does your PG&E bill seem higher than normal?  While it’s normal for your electricity bill to go higher as the weather gets chillier, the difference shouldn’t be astronomical. At the same time, if you also see that the heater seems to be working much more often than it did last year, this should raise a red flag.   Heating tune-up (service) is actually your key to long-term success with your heating system, including preventing most repairs.  Make it a point to arrange your turn-up so with Maximum Air so one of our professionals can make adjustments that will aid with the durability and performance of your system.

2. The Heating System Doesn’t Keep the House Warm

If the air still feels chilly in your home regardless of the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat, then you should immediately request the assistance of an HVAC professional. When the heating system runs continuously throughout the day, this will contribute to it wearing down. Address this problem as soon as you notice it. Maximum Air offers emergency after hours heating repair services throughout the Fresno area.

3. The Heating System Emits Unusual Noises

A heating system may be quite noisy as designed, but when it’s noisier than usual this could indicate a malfunction. Also, noises coming out from the vents could also indicate the system isn’t working properly. You might not be able to determine if the issue is minor or major, but either way, this is a sign it’s likely you need heating repair.

4. The Pilot Light Is Yellow

It’s a good idea to have a look at the pilot light of the furnace, and you should do this regularly. Maximum Air suggests that if the furnace works properly, the pilot light should be blue as opposed to yellow (or any other color). Depending on the light’s color, your heating system might have a problem. If you don’t consider heating repair, you could have an issue with the efficiency of the furnace, which could potentially affect the air quality inside your home.

5. Uneven Heating and Cold Spots

Are there areas of the house where there is little to no heat and in other spots great heat? This is a common problem in homes that have issues with HVAC duct work. Believe it or not, uneven heating is a common problem in older homes. Whether your home is old or not, it’s a good idea to call an expert to check the status of your heating system and see what can be done to enhance its efficiency. Your heater won’t deliver peak performance if you don’t take care of it.

As always be sure to tune-up (service) your heater before use.  This could help catch possible heating issues before you find yourself in the middle of winter with little to no heat.

Be sure to call us today at Maximum Air to schedule your appointment for normal maintenance and service to your Fresno HVAC unit. (559-222-0733)